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– We are the only large-scaled ASAZUKE factory in the world and it is one of our biggest investment and our pride and joy. This is the result of Mr. Pritsangkul’s dedication and persistence to create a more superior product. With over 30 years of experience in the business, he invests his time and effort to continually innovate and develop not only TTA’s products but also our operations. With a degree in science (biology and chemistry), he uses his knowledge to create this key differentiation between our products and the competitors’.
– Pickled at the optimal temperature of 2 degree Celsius, our ASAZUKE ginger is the raw material for sliced pickled Sushi ginger known as GARI. It has a lower salinity at only 6 baume. Unlike conventional HONZUKE ginger, this product will not develop the unpleasant odor and brownish color associated with pickled ginger more than 6 months old. Not only does it give a more delicious taste and the crispiness of ginger, it is also a much healthier choice.


TTA’s Wooden Pallet Box