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With over 30 years of experience, our production process is an art unto itself.

There are three main procedures to make pickled ASAZUKE ginger. The first and arguably most important one involves buying only the best quality of fresh ginger. The pickling process, during the fresh produce is cured in a brine solution made up of a precise ratio of salt, citric acid, and acetic acid can take up to three days. Lastly, the ‘trimming’ process, during which the pickled ginger is carefully cleansed and sorted by hand, is the most labor intensive requiring up to 200 staff per day.

Speed is the key behind our quality assurance program. Once harvested, fresh ginger needs to enter the production line within 36 hours to retain its natural taste and aroma. It is precisely this reason that our facility is equipped to handle up to 480 tons of fresh ginger per day.